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Famous Wardaks

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Born about 1880, son of Kazi Ghulam (known as Rais-i-Shura). An Ismail Khel Ghilzai. Held the title "Sardar-i-Ala." Owing to long residence in Wardak, was known as Wardaki. From 1909 to 1916 was Chief Usher, Arzbegi, to Amir Habibullah. Appointed Governor, Hakim, of Kataghan. Was arrested with his brother for complicity in the assassination of Amir Habibullah Khan in 1919 and banished, but was later acquitted. In 1922 was appointed Aide-de-Camp to King Amanullah. Sent to Wardak valley during the Mangal Rebellion in 1924-25 to maintain loyalty among the Wardakis. During Amanullah's abscence in Europe he was for four months Governor of the Eastern Province but was relieved and sent to Moscow to meet with King Amanullah. Returned to Kabul in July 1928. Officiating Minister of Interior, November 1928. Supported Amanullah in his efforts to regain his throne from Kandahar. Fled with Amanullah to India, May 1929, and went to Iran. Returned to Afghanistan, December 1929. President of the National Council, Rais-i-Shura-ye Milli, in 1930. In November 1931 proceeded to Farah as Supreme Civil and Military Administrator, Rais-i-Tanzimia. Returned to Kabul in spring of 1932 and was re-elected President of the National Council in 1932 and again in 1933. Served on a commission dealing with the Helmand water dispute, June 1933. In October 1933 visited Northern Afghanistan with Prime Minister Muhammad Hashim and others. Re-elected President of National Council 1934, 1937-40 and 1943. Died in 1949.



Born 1923, the son of Muhammad Ibrahim. Obtained B.S. degree in Mathematics, University of Illinois, 1952; and M.A. degree in Nuclear Physics, Georgetown University, 1954. Returned to Afghanistan, 1955. Graduate studies in the Soviet Union. Attended School of Nuclear Science, Lemont, Illinois, 1957. Physics Teacher, Kabul Military Academy, 1955. Member, Faculty of Science, Kabul University, 1960. Dean of Science Faculty, Kabul University, 1972. Minister of Mines and Industries, 1973-75. Minister of Education, 1974. Minister of Tribal Affaires, 1976. Married to Masuma Asmati (former Member of Parliament and Teacher at Pashto Academy).



Born 1949 in Jaghatu, Wardak, the son of Bismillah Khan (son of Muhammad Zarin, Representative
of Wardak in Amanullah period). Educated in Jaghatu, at Qari Abdullah Khan School, Kabul, and
Habibia High School, graduating 1965. Exchange Student in United States, 1963-64. Attended Faculty
of Engineering, Kabul University, 1966-68, and University of Hawaii, graduating with B.S. in Civil
Engineering, 1971. Obtained M.S. degree in Civil Engineering, Case Western Reserve University,
Ohio, 1973. Worked part-time as Reporter, Kabul Times, 1964-66, and for Red Crescent magazine
and its weekly Radio Program. Structural Engineer, Afghan Construction Co., Ministry of Public 
of University Committees. Author of several technical papers in Kabul University journals. Came to the United States and worked as Civil and Structural Engineer in Ohio and Chicago since 1981. Editor, Afghanistan News, published in Chicago. Married to Soraya (a Logari) and has three children.



Son of Abdul Ahad (President of Shura under Hashim Khan). Minister of Interior, November 1967-69. President, Lower House. Arrested in January, 1978-80. Lives in Kabul.
Educated at the Faculty of Law and Political Science, Kabul University, and in Public Administration in the United States. Subgovernor in various provinces, 1960-65. In charge of Administrative Reform in Prime Ministry, 1970-73. Governor of Parwan. President of Administration, Ministry of Interior under President Daud. Arrested with two of his brothers, June 1978 to Jan. 1980. In Pakistan Member of a Mujaheddin group. Mother tongue Pashto.


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